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First, the scale layout highlights the advantages
At present, the company has a total internal and external warehouse total area of ​​172,000 square meters, in addition to the consolidation of the consolidation business, each warehouse has unique business characteristics. Among them, in October 2007, the venture capital Linghai Road logistics base, the characteristic business for large-scale materials operations, such as foreign aid large medical equipment, export large-scale construction machinery and equipment, etc., special business accounted for about 50%; May 2012 venture capital winter Road logistics base, as a high-end warehouse to expand business to large-scale high-quality customers, value-added sorting for its distinctive business, such as exporting red wine, hanging clothes, etc., special business accounted for about 30%; in June 2015, venture capital Yangshan logistics base, As a customized warehouse for foreign high-quality customers, it also has a constant temperature and three-dimensional shelf, professionally undertakes the milk powder storage business, and the specialty business accounts for more than 30%; in July 2016, the venture capital Gangcheng Road logistics base took on the busy port business. The annual revenue accounts for about one-fifth of Yunfeng International's total revenue. Among them, domestic transportation optimizes the quality of the final 1km delivery service and cuts into the third-party logistics strategic project; Yunfeng Transportation Company, more than 160 trucks are classified according to business. It operates for six transportation departments. The main business of transportation is Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, etc., and the Shanghai gates are loaded into the port. In addition, large-size transportation, air-cushion transportation, and dangerous goods transportation account for about 50% of the total business.
Second, the qualification is complete and development is fast
Yunfeng International Strategic Vision: “To do port logistics and build a hundred years of Yunfeng.” The “Yunfeng” trademark is approved to be registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and another seven trademarks have been registered in the country. In the same period, the company passed ISO9001; 2015 national quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system OHSAS18001; 2007 standard certification. In 2015, the company obtained the qualification of AAA-level enterprise of international logistics integrated service and became a member of Shanghai Freight Forwarding Association. It became a member of Shanghai Transportation Industry Association and a member of Shanghai Credit Enterprise China Logistics Network.
At present, the company is developing rapidly, technological innovation, capital operation and the creation of new economic growth points. Years ago, the company cooperated with Shanghai Youyishi Communication Center to develop the Yunfeng Logistics Interconnection Platform (Jiyitong website and card driver APP), and established a convenient and fast business transaction through effective integration of resources. Yunfeng has established a Shanghai-Jiangdong Jingchi Logistics Co., Ltd. through a joint venture with South Korea's Extreme East Logistics Co., Ltd., thus filling the gap in the transportation of dangerous goods. In the same period, Yunfeng International cooperated with Shanghai Second Polytechnic University to develop a domestic cargo distribution system, which is now in trial operation.
Third, the humanities first show responsibility
In the past 15 years since the establishment of the enterprise, Yunfeng International has started to take shape, and has always been grateful to the society, and has been eager to give back to the society, and to persist in inheriting the humanistic spirit and fulfilling social responsibilities.
At present, the company has an internal newspaper "Cultural Yunfeng", built "Cultural World" and the staff basketball team, which makes the "de-smart, art and beauty" develop in an all-round way, thus promoting the formation of "culture Yunfeng, vitality Yunfeng, development" Yunfeng's good situation. The headquarters of the company has more than 10 departments and agencies including the General Manager Office, the Finance Department, the Human Resources Department, the Safety and Quality Protection Department, the Ministry of Commerce, the Legal Department, the Party Branch and the Youth League Branch. Since 2013, the company's total economic output has increased by 30% to 40% per year, making it one of the enterprises with complete organizational structure and rapid growth in total production and sales in the same industry. This has established the development concept of Yunfeng and the country's reform and development, which is always in line with the new era and always walk on the road.
In June 2017, following up on the national precision poverty alleviation strategy, Yunfeng International formulated a five-year action plan for poverty alleviation and assisted the Chongqing Wanzhou Longsha Central Primary School, and assumed the education expenses of 20 poor students during the entire primary school. Moreover, during the sudden earthquake disaster in Yushu and Ludian, all the members donated money and materials, and sent care to the people in the disaster area. Over the years, Yunfeng has always been an enthusiastic enterprise for donating blood in the region. The nearby patriotic bases such as the old people's home and the martyrs' cemetery are always the place where the Yunfeng Party Group organizes dedication and ideological education.
In the 15 years of entrepreneurship, Yunfeng International has always been committed to excellence and quality, and is committed to leading the future based on logistics. Focusing on the future, Yunfeng International has consciously regarded sustainable development as the decisive factor in building a century-old foundation for a well-known public company. It has become the company's major policy with environmentally friendly and sustainable development. Following the title sponsorship of the nation's first reverse logistics design competition in 2017, Yunfeng International has once again become the title sponsor of the second design competition in 2018, calling on the whole society and all mankind to advocate the sustainable development of green recycling, and to make life for human beings more Make a good contribution.